Each year, the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra offers a variety of Educational and Family events and performances.






The Bloomington Symphony Orchestra is recognized throughout Indiana for its work with young people. “Meet the Instruments” is our highly praised, hands-on opportunity for children. Performers gather with their instruments and introduce young, potential players to percussion, wind, and stringed musical instruments. Best of all, the kids get a chance to hear the sounds and then try different instruments. (Parents are often just as fascinated).

Children can play a clarinet or hear a percussion presentation that thrills all listeners, young and old alike. Kids can try out a tiny violin that’s the size of the one with which Mozart started his career.

Stand next to a double bass or harp and try it out for size!


Each year, the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra performs side-by-side concerts with students from the Bedford North Lawrence School (under the direction of Guy Rumsey) and the Hoosier Youth Philharmonic (under the direction of Jane Gouker). Many past participants in these concerts say the opportunity to play outstanding orchestral literature alongside more experienced musicians is something they’ll never forget.


The Bloomington Symphony Orchestra sponsors an annual competition among the best music students in the area. Students work with their teachers to select and prepare a solo piece, then perform it for members of the BSO. We then award the top two performers a scholarship, and arrange for them to play their chosen piece as a soloist with the BSO during our regular concert season.

The 2012-2013 YCC will take place on Saturday, January 5.

Information about the competition is available here: BSO YCC 2012-2013